Time to see the world...

Lucy's puppies are two weeks old today.  They starting opening their eyes yesterday and today they are completely open!  They are moving around the whelping box on their bellies quite easily and will start to get up on all fours to walk soon.   Soon they will start walking and playing.

Rolly-Polly Puppies

Lucy's puppies are one week old.  They are rapidly growing and developing.  You can already see the rolls and wrinkles!  The pigment is coming in on their noses, and over the next few weeks the black specks will fill in to make perfect black little noses...  

Just Born

English Bulldog puppies, bulldog puppies

Lucy had her babies!  We are so excited to bring home 5 healthy girls!  The pups were delivered by c-section by Dr. Cheryl Sackler, who always takes such good care of our girls.

Rolling Hills "Rolls" Out New Website

To better serve our customers we have implemented a brand new site that will have up-to-the-minute information on all things Rolling Hills! See when a litter is due, and keep track of what puppies are availble in real time.