Way overdue!

Happy Spring! We are way over due on posting in this blog, please be sure to check out our Facebook page as it tends to get a bit more action.  It certainly has been busy here. Our newest litter is about 5 weeks old. The puppies are weanimg from momma and they are playful and cuddly.

January 4, 2015

The babies are 4 weeks old! 

December 27, 2014

Happy Holidays from our home to yours! Our current litter is 3 weeks old! 

Welcome Babies! January 2014

We are pleased to announce the birth of Lucy's Puppies! 3 healthy babies born, 2 girls and a boy.

Forever Homes... (December 2013)

All of Honeys puppies have moved into their forever homes.  We have been receiving wonderful updates on their progress!

March 27th 2013

Last week we bred our Ruby to Champion Lakewinds Infinitum.  We are hoping for puppies mid May.  We have started accepting applications for this upcoming litter. 

Bittersweet times... (July 2012)

This weekend we started our puppy picking process, 5 puppies have found their forever homes!  This is a bittersweet time for us.  Our english bulldog babies have grown dear to our hearts, but now it is time for them to leave the nest!

Sunny days... (June 2012)

All the puppies went out for a stroll today.  They are healthy and strong, and absolutely GORGEOUS!!  They have started weaning from their mommies and are eating puppy "Mush".  Rubies puppies are 4 weeks and Lucy's are 5 weeks old already. 


English Bulldog puppies, english Bulldogs, CT, bulldog puppies

6/8/12  Wow!  I cant believe how fast time is going by.  Lucy's puppies are 4 weeks old, and Ruby's puppies are 3 weeks old.   They have started eating "mush", in addition to their mommy's milk.  This is the first step in weaning them onto food.

Lets not forget about Ruby!

English Bulldog puppies CT, English Bulldogs, English Bulldog puppies

Ruby's puppies are one week old!  Ruby is a petite girl and first time mommy, but she is doing AWESOME!!  She takes great care of her pups, cleaning and feeding them, & of course we always help her out when we can.